Honey Honey…

The Go Dog Go Café Tuesday writing prompt is: The Erotic Everyday

Choose an everyday activity— washing the dishes, chopping vegetables, mowing the lawn, going grocery shopping, etc.—and write a poem or piece of prose in which you make some everyday experience sound erotic.

Delicates lathered,

Spinning in soapy stimulation,

Humming with vibrations,

Sodden and soused,

Cycle crescendos.

Rinse, now,


On to the next challenge for today.  The Page Flutter six word story prompt.  I found this particularly challenging today:

Theme: Hope

Prompt: Buzz

Nectar: sought, captured, nourished. Resulting – honey.

9 thoughts on “Honey Honey…

  1. Erotic hmm. OK here goes.

    I went into the garden to clean out the chickens. It was naked gardening day. The word ‘aspect’ came to mind, because that’s what you get when you bend over in the chicken coop with no clothes on.

    (I would never do this really though, I wouldn’t want the sight of me to put my hens off laying.)

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  2. Another one that, as usual, is rather more silly than it is erotic. But anyway …..

    Eyes in contact
    Wanting all
    Dancing through
    The shopping mall
    Lovely ladies
    Lonely hearts
    Parading by
    With shopping carts
    I wonder who
    Has last been kissed
    Cross them off
    My shopping list
    Checkout beauty
    All alone
    Please help me take
    My shopping home.

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