Story Writing Exercises 1358: Tuesday 27th March…

Again, I found myself heading over to MorgEns short story writing exercises on my lunch break.  15 minutes isn’t a long time to come up with a developed plot but I have given it a go albeit I wasn’t as inspired as I was yesterday and I haven’t come up with anything yet for the random prompt.  I’ll come back to that one when I get time later.

Below are the four – you can do them in any order.swan

  1. Keywords: manual, prop, side, green, illuminate
  2. Random: the little lady
  3. Picture: what does this inspire?
  4. Tuesday Title: Everything Purple

Keywords: manual, prop, side, green, illuminate

The neon lamp eerily illuminated the comic manual; his shadow was cast on the bedroom wall as he lay propped on his side imagining the tale conjured from the pages. He followed the adventures of Pip and Pistol as they commenced their sea quest in search of treasure: rubies, pearls and green emeralds.

Picture: what does this inspire?


From four years of age, she strived for the role of Odette and Odile. ‘Practice makes perfect, Madeline.’ Her mother had drilled.  Position one to five she repeated; for hours each day.  Her mother encouraged en pointe, purchasing shoes when her daughter was eight.  From nine she was able to support herself.  It had been her mother’s dream to play that part.  Determined she honed adagio, bravura and  mastered the pirouette.  It wasn’t until the opening night and the music of Tchaikovsky enveloped the stage she realised it too, it was also her dream.

Tuesday Title: Everything Purple

He sang of purple rain,

his meaning to the world unclear.

Did he speak of unrequited love;

or freedom gained from failed liaisons?

Did he pertain that the end was nigh;

or champion new horizons?

He’s gone now, but his colour remains.

Parting lyrics poignant;

now.  Dancing. In the purple rain.

I’ll come back to the little lady prompt but I best get back to work (if only I could get thee Artist Formerly Known as Prince out of my head).

I’m back to share my poem re the fourth prompt. I’m not great at poetry (I’m sorry if it rhymes unnecessarily.)

Random: the little lady

Prim and proper,

her raven hair was curled;

styled ringlets framed her character.

A toothless grin,

with freckled face;

“are we done now?” She whined.

“No, hold still!” Little swine.

A cheeky madam,

through and through;

her daddy’s little lady.

The apple of his eye.

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