For Better for Worse…

I’ve only just discovered Go Dog Go Café and I am already hooked on their coffee!  Feeling in an inspired mood and the challenge set by Christine spurred on my attempt at the Tuesday prompt today:

Take a pleasant memory and write it as if it were a horror story without altering any of the details. It can be submitted as poetry or prose.

In Sickness and Health

Summons sent. A celebration; save the date.

Black tie; gentlemen suited and booted.

Pristine dress, carefully selected.

Lily’s picked and plucked, made up in favourite arrangement.

Piano music elected; church choir retained.

Promises written, rewrote, remembered.

Church bell chimes, proclaiming your entrance.

Eulogy given, the day not originally intended.


21 thoughts on “For Better for Worse…

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    1. It’s meant to be pleasant because it’s about marriage, planning a wedding date, the flip is that when the day comes they are attending her funeral (being the nightmare part). Him giving her eulogy is meant to honour her life so whilst the day isn’t as originally intended to some it could be considered an homage of ones life, remembering the happy times.

      Not sure if I got the challenge as it was intended but I gave it a go with my spin on it 🙂

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      1. I see. Thank you for explaining that bit.
        Those writing prompts are really cool, because they allow you to roam freely. So, well done. I asked because I thought it was your own personal memory (that’s what I gathered from the challenge) and it intrigued me.

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