02/05 6 Word Story…

Page Flutters prompt today is ‘brainstorm’ :

Creativity strikes like lighting – seize it.


Storms eye: calm amongst external chaos.


A spark is all that’s needed.

Which do you prefer?

9 thoughts on “02/05 6 Word Story…

  1. I prefer storms eye because I can relate to that. I have a nasty ass vascular headache condition, in the middle of an attack there’s a period of calm, it could be 2 seconds it could be two minutes, I don’t know because by that point time has lost all meaning but when I feel that numbness, I know it’s the half way mark and it WILL end. There’s a relief/gratitude I can’t describe. Euphoria isn’t enough, but the eye of the storm let’s you breathe to survive through to the other side.

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