Page Flutter – April

I stopped the Page Flutter six word story challenge about half way through (work got in the way, boo!).  I know late but still wanted to give all the prompts a go.  April’s theme was hope.  My attempts for the ones I missed are below:

18/04 Prompt: Yellow Boots – Sunshine boots; line dancing troubles away.

19/04 Prompt: Hatchlings – Emerge eager, facing brave new world.

20/04 Prompt: Cloud Animals – Cumulus critters dance in childhood imaginations.

21/04 Prompt: Planted – Life is borne of seed – thrive.

22/04 Prompt: Thunderstorm – Weather own storms; turmoil is transitory.

23/04 Prompt: Kite Festival – Colour your life and take flight.

24/04 Prompt: Skipping Stones – Life ripples cascade from small changes.

25/04 Prompt: Afternoon Hike – Worries unburden with each focused step.

26/04 Prompt: Idea Renewed – Ignite the passion; illuminate your light-bulb.

27/04 Prompt: Farmers Toil – Success is derived from arduous task.

28/04 Prompt: Cherry Blossoms – Live for the present and bloom.

29/04 Prompt: Splash – Take a chance, dance in rain.

30/04 Prompt: Picnic – Its ok – be your own sandwich.

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