I said a prayer today…

I don’t often pray;  I find it hypocritical when I haven’t made my mind up as to whether there is a God or not.  I was raised Catholic, Baptised and Confirmed but have questioned the Almighty’s existence for quite a few years now.  I want to believe; the question of why we are here, why we were put on this Earth if nothing more than poetic coincidence often keeps me awake at night.

Today I felt compelled to say a little prayer however.  A prayer for toddler Alfie Evans. I may not have made my mind up yet as to whether there is a God or Higher Being but I do believe in miracles.  There are too many things, day to day that cannot be explained.

I cant even imagine what the parents of Alfie are going through.  All I have seen from the press and media outlets is the love they have for their child.  In a world where there is so much abhorrer, these parents, in my opinion are only doing what they believe is in the best interests of their boy.

Its a sad world we live in where parental rights are removed from parents who are fighting for their child to live.  I’m no Doctor, I don’t claim to know the detail of why medical professionals have deemed it necessary to stop life support of this child. I have read that the boys condition is undiagnosed.  If that’s the case I don’t understand how a Judge can deny these parents the opportunity to keep trying.  As a parent all I know is that I would be fighting with all my heart to do what I thought was best.

I understand that Alfie’s Father has issued a statement for supporters to stand down so they can try and negotiate with the hospital where their son is being held in order to try and bring him home.  Clearly this is something I respect and with an open heart, I pray for a miracle.


7 thoughts on “I said a prayer today…

  1. I think there are far too many people weighing in with their own agendas and making it difficult for the parents to come to terms with their sad loss. The intervention that would prolong the child’s life would be intrusive, literally tubes indirect into his organs and give him no quality of life whatsoever. Dedicated professionals who must be feeling the situation themselves are being maligned for seeking the child’s best interests.

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    1. This is a valid point and I do see the argument from both sides. I just feel so sad for the parents. Its an awful situation. I hope they find some comfort and can get the boy home to spend his remaining time with him.


  2. Like you, I was born and raised Catholic and I too have my doubts on religion mainly as a result of how God has been portrayed by many religious leaders and the Holy Book. I have come to accept that there is a higher power and that everything happens for a reason. However, I still get to pray everyday and in my own words for the things that I want and will continue to pursue. Coming to the story of Alfie, I would like to sympathize with the parents and keep trying but at some point they will need deal with the situation and accept that maybe there isn’t a solution. As opposed to letting the child suffer longer, they should allow him to rest as opposed to letting him live only to suffer throughout his life because he can not be diagnosed or cured. Yes, it would be great to wish for a miracle but for how long should they wait? What about the other kids? is this their only child? can they try to recover from this and give themselves an opportunity to try for another child that could be healthy? The parents need each other more than ever and the family needs to help them to reason with the doctor’s recommendations.

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