Me, Myself & I(rene)…

I’ve been challenged by Aieshi Jain to write 12 things that make me different (wowza, no pressure).  Not sure I’ve got 12 things as individual points but I’m sure I’ve written sufficient.

Here’s all that you have to do:-

  1. Mention if you were nominated by someone or decided to take up the challenge on your own
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Me, Myself & I?

One of my favourite sorts of gift to receive are Yankee Candles.  My daughter went into town with her friend on Thursday (her first time she’s been trusted on her own).  She had £30 to spend on whatever she wanted.  It was her own money (i.e. saved from birthday or Christmas) and she came home with a small Yankee just for me.  This cost her about £8.  She picked a new smell (Misty Mountain – funny because I’m at one on a mountain) and was so proud when she handed it over.  I absolutely love it.  There’s just something about candles.

I absolutely love romantic movies.  I feel drawn in and part of the moment.  Its all a lie though.  I don’t believe anything you see in the movies.

My go to food when hung-over is Chinese and drink is Irn Bru. It seems to sort me right out.  Another thing I do when I have a hangover is spend money.  I tend to treat everyone when I’ve had a few drinks the night before. I don’t know why.

I have to ensure the house is properly cleaned before big events or holidays.  I love having the sense of freshness.  e.g. Christmas.  I cant go to bed on Christmas Eve if the house is unclean.  I always buy the kids and myself new PJs to wear Christmas Eve.  I also always make sure there are new sheets on the bed.

When watching television I have to have a pillow behind my back as a sort of support/comforter.  Not a cushion, an actual pillow from my bed.  How weird am I? I love blankets.  There is something so comforting about sitting wrapped up warm.

I have a fascination with the night sky.  I love nothing more than star gazing on a warm summers evening with a glass of wine in hand and listening to my favourite songs; often pondering what is out there.

I wonder about what songs will be played at my funeral (I know this is weird) and no I don’t have an inclination to go to the dark side anytime soon.  I do however wonder what song people would associate with me should I leave this world.  I don’t have a specific song as such but one of my all time favourite anthems is Guns & Roses ‘Sweet Child of Mine’. It doesn’t matter how often I hear it.  It always makes me feel good to be alive.

I love flowers.  I think flowers in a vase always brightens a home.  I don’t buy them often enough.  Tulips are one of my favourite.  I love how they droop but still look beautiful.

The biggest question I ask is why are we here?   I was raised as a Catholic (I’m not here to preach).  I have no idea whether there is a ‘God’.  Would I like there to be one? I don’t know.  Death scares me.  Considering the vastness of the universe, we’re all so insignificant so why are we here?  Is it all just a poetic coincidence?

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