Pet Peeves…

Pensitivity101 has done it again and through their blog, I have found another challenge to partake in.  Its a good job she’s on the ball.  Piggy-banking off her finds has been a god send.

This time Joelle has challenged all to write a tale in 120 words as per the below:

The prompt is:  What are your top two “pet peeves?”

Humans who think life owes them something; the ones who are happy to take without offering an ounce of gratitude. E.g. When you’re driving and let them out at a junction or wait patiently for them to make their mind up as to which direction they are going because they lack the faculty to use indication.  Them. That’s number one.

Two…petrol stations; waiting for the man in the box to allow you the use of the pump (take your time sunshine, I haven’t got to be anywhere important, sure, I’ll hold whilst you finish playing your game of candy crush). ‘Do you need a VAT receipt? (Why no, I was joking when I requested one).  ‘Thank you, yes please.’


14 thoughts on “Pet Peeves…

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  4. PeeveOne and PeeveTwo? They eat cat food mostly. Although, Two does tend to “clean up” after One when One has decided to lick the bathtub slick. And there are the strange sucker marks on the ceiling…

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  5. S_MW

    Hahaha. This made me laugh out loud. “…because they lack the faculty to use indication.”

    These are not particular peeves of mine, but the first one reminded me of how irritating I find people who let others through at junctions etc, just to be nice. Maybe it IS nice, but I’d rather wait until it’s safe and it’s my turn, thank you very much.

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