What a day…

Do you ever have them days where you don’t switch off for even five minutes?  Let me tell you…today has been one of those days people!  I have only just logged off ‘officially’ from work (give or take ten mins).  In that time, I have poured myself a decent glass of wine (near enough consumed it) and I’ve come to sit in with my youngest child.  He’s currently snuggled on me, watching the Good Dinosaur whilst I type away on WordPress.  I am pooped.  I am so glad we are only one sleep away until the weekend.  5pm Friday cannot come quick enough.

My other half is away this week, ‘working’.  I put working in air quotes as I’m not convinced.  All expenses paid, town house, in Wales.  I bet he’s living it large having a right good craic.  I’ll be scrutinizing the credit card receipt when it comes through.  Frequenting the local public house does not constitute working sunshine!

I was about to feel all sorry for myself as he usually does the cooking; I’ve had to make do with beans on toast all week (aaaahhh).  I’ve made better dinners for the kids (whipped up nuggets and chips to go with the beans at least).  Tonight I’m splashing out though and ordering a Chinese (calm down, calm down, I hear you say, its not Friday just yet).  Well blow it, I’m going to have myself a party for one.  I’ve just whipped off my bra! Absolute feckin bliss (sorry too much information).

Amazing, in the space of 5 mins (writing) I feel chilled already.  I need to do a bit of a catch up on my daily challenges and I think there are a few award responses I need to collate.  I’ll look to do that a little later this evening.  For now though, I’m off to see my friend (Julio Gallo) according to Bitchin in the Kitchen for a much needed top up. Oh and to spend some time with the sproglettes (of course).

Hasta la vista, baby (aka, I’ll be back).

18 thoughts on “What a day…

  1. Writing always helps to calm me as well… It’s been a busy week/day, and I intentionally take some to read and write on WordPress in order to help relieve some of the stress. Usually works better than most anything else. 🙂

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    1. Yay!! Let’s do it! I’m fooked on the Chinese front though, just called and they’ve bugged off on holiday for two damn weeks! How dare they!!! I’m contemplating warming a jar of korma and toasting a naan bread (don’t judge me) 🙂

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