Cloud Spotting…

Another month, another 100 word story prompt.  This month, Morgen Bailey invites us to write a children’s story (a story for or about children) for her April flash fiction competition.  All rules can be found on the page I’ve linked too.  You can enter up to three stories per month.  Here is my first attempt:

Dinosaur Dreaming 

Summer days were best. Just me and my younger brother running free.  We played all kinds of games but cloud spotting was our favourite.

“Look, that one there” I pointed.

“Which one?” he excitedly replied.

“The one that looks like a dinosaur” I urged.

“Nah, it’s a Pterodactyl” he corrected.

Gleefully teasing him.

“That is a dinosaur. Silly!”

Shoot, the time; mum would be worried.

“Where you been at today, Becki?”

“Just cloud spotting with Joey.”

“Sweetheart. Joeys gone. 2 years now.”

“I know mummy, but he’s always with me. He would have loved cloud spotting. Remember, he loved dinosaurs.”


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