Easter Tidings…

Every Easter Sunday, my mum hides sweets and treats around the garden for my children to find.  This is one of my favourite days of the year.  I love the excitement on their faces as they hunt for buried treasure.  I’ve attached some of my favourite photos I’ve taken today.

With it being the first of the month: April 1st, I’ve decided to give a new monthly challenge a go.  Head over to Page Flutter for this months six-word story prompts. I first heard of this challenge via PTSD Gal’s blog.  I recommend giving her site a look (very talented artist and writer).

This months theme is based around the topic of hope.  Todays prompt is chirp, chirp.

Two attempts at the six word story today:

Cracked shell, dismay felt; then ‘chirp‘.

Results back; ‘none malignant’, Dr. chirped.

We’ve got family coming around for dinner shortly; roast pork, all the trimmings.  I love a good Sunday dinner.  I might add some further photos later.  I hope you are all enjoying your Easter Sunday whether you celebrate the meaning behind it or not.

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