Word Prompts…

Last night I was discussing the word prompt daily challenges with my other half.  I have to admit he does make me laugh with his ‘offerings’.  He has come up with a number of six word short stories based on certain word prompts to date and also came up with a cracking 5 liner last night whilst we were in bed.  I personally find them hilarious but wanted to share this wisdom (stupidity) with you all.

These are some of the better ones (believe me, I’m sparing you all):

Prompt: more than bargained for:

Toilet wall, telephone number. Call me?

Prompt: random:

Chinese food: literally the dogs bollocks.

Prompt: Burning:

Burns victim; cooked his own chops.

Prompt: 5 liner, accidentally:

‘Let me out,’ said Mr. Turtle.

‘No; one more episode of Peppa Pig!’

‘If you don’t let me out now, nothings going to stop me.’

‘Hold on, they’re just about to jump in muddy puddles.’

Mommy entered to find a code brown situation.


Holyshit!!! Now I have to say I found the 5 liner hilarious.  It didn’t matter that ‘accidentally’ wasn’t used, the idea is there.  Incidentally, this was inspired by our 3 year old boy (true story).

I hope this brightened your Friday.  It’s vino o’clock for me.  Cheers to the weekend!!



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