Bad Luck or Good Fortune…

Following on from my recent February win for my short story ‘freeze-frame’, I decided to add another entry for the March competition.  I’ve already entered one story but you can enter up to three giving you more chance to win.  The theme this month is superstitious.  If you want to join in the fun head over to MorgEn Bailey’s page to submit your story.  The rules are pretty simple, keep to the theme and keep your writing to 100 words exactly.  Title is excluded from the word count.

Bad Luck or Good Fortune

She sensed as though she’d stumbled into a crime scene; slivers of glass everywhere, a piece in her hand. Behind her, the knife was raised to her back. Surprised she surrendered the mirror.

In horror fragments littered the floor. She glanced down. He was still. Lifeless. In her hand she held a shard of glass; it glistened a tinge of crimson.

Momma had always told her never to break a looking glass. Uneasy, she wasn’t sure whether seven years bad luck was looming or whether she’d reaped another seven years.

It was then she saw the knife by his side.


Oooh and what do you know.  Its hump day again.  We’re halfway to the weekend.  Have a great day peeps!!

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