Carrot Cake…


biddies (plural noun)
a woman, especially an elderly one, regarded as annoying or interfering

Happy Monday!!  I’ve not long got back from a girly weekend away and I’ve had today off work (yippee).  I haven’t done much writing for a few days and obviously now craving a bit of a writing fix.  In needing some inspiration I headed over to the Carrot Ranch for this weeks 99 story word prompt.  It just so happens to be carrot cake.  Funnily enough this is something I absolutely despise.  I remember being force fed it as a child at primary school and haven’t been able to look at it since.  That aside I wanted to give the challenge a bash and thought it would be good to practice dialogue using an Irish accent.  Take a look and let me know what you think (to be sure).

‘Oooh ye ‘ear aboyt our Mary? Only gone got ‘erself a toyboy ‘asn’t she!’

‘Aye an’ she started dyin’ ‘er ‘air. Oi didn’t recognise ‘er at de bingo. Lookin’ loike de cat got de cream; showin’ ‘imself aff she were. His called Rodrigo.’

‘Rodrigo? Pure continental. ‘Oy auld?’

‘69 oi ‘eard.’

Becki smiled, wondering who they were gossiping about today. With notepad and pen poised, she walked over to the two biddies as they sat at their usual table.

‘What’ll it be the-day ladies?’

‘Tea an’ carrot cake.’

‘Lovely, ye celebratin’ anythin’ speshal?’

‘Mary’s 70th. She’ll be ‘ere soon.’

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