You just don’t realise…

I’m filled with a sense of love each and every time I hear the familiar introductory chords to Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight.  This song you see, according to my mother, is her and my dads (open air quote) ” song” (close air quote). I’m not sure whether she has actually ran this romantic notion by him but it’s not like he’d have an actual say in the matter (poor bugger).  That aside, it isn’t a song I turn off in haste.

Have you ever listened to the lyrics?  They always remind me of my mum. Not sure if it’s the imagery of her brushing her long blonde hair or her nature of questioning everything. It is a charming ballad.

My mum without knowing constantly looks for reassurance.  She would argue that the opinion of others doesn’t bother her but I know this is just a facade.  She has the temper of a tigress and the sensitivity of a butterfly.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever told her how beautiful she is. In fact she is the most beautiful women I know. On par with my late nan; Christina O’Toole.

Being all sentimental and being a day for celebration and that, I leave you with the words of Eric (Clapton, that is, not my son who is also called Eric)…

…and the wonder of it all…

is that you just don’t realise…

how much I love you…

Happy Mothers Day Mum, and Nan, you too, wherever you are xxx


6 thoughts on “You just don’t realise…

  1. Lovely post. I always associate This is my Lovely Day as Mum and Dad’s song, though I never knew if it was. Wind Beneath my Wings is one my Mum loved to hear me play, so I always dedicate that one to her.
    All the oldies remind me of my Dad as we used to play Blue Moon and Thank You for Being an Angel as crazy duets when I was a kid.

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