a masculine name: dim. Manny


This weeks Carrot Ranch Literary Community 99 word challenge is now open.  The prompt this week is Balloons.






“Bouncy castle?”




“Gift Bags?”



“No check.”

“Muuuuuuum! That’s it! My party is ruined!”

“Sweetie don’t be silly.”

“Ruined I tell you! Ruined!” Patricia yelled stomping upstairs.

Rolling her eyes, Vivian sighed; another temper tantrum. Patricia had always been such a sweet child. Who knew adulthood would be so challenging. She’d hoped this birthday would pass without incident. She blamed her husband; always giving in to their daughter’s every whim. Twenty-five years her daughter had been pulling this stunt.

“Patricia? Come here.”

“Yes Mummy?”

“Calm down sweetie. We’ll send out Manuel!”



10 thoughts on “Balloons

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  2. Wonderfully funny. You had me thinking how well you had captured a child’s dialogue and demeanour and then bang, you hit us with the age of the child. Lovely humour. I have to say I am with the mother in real life – I think many of us are creating spoilt selfish adults that can’t cope with the disappointments in life both big (the real world) and small (balloons). Wonderful piece.

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