In law, serve means to make legal delivery of a notice or process.

So this evening I have tried my hand at the Carrot Ranch Literary Community 99 word flash fiction challenge.  I must admit, some days I find writing just flows and other days like today, it is hard.  This weeks word prompt is raven.  I apologize now for this offering.  I know its well below par.  I promise to do better tomorrow.


Her hair was as opaque as a raven’s jacket. Perched at the bar, her eyes searched, pursuing prey.  Her slinky red dress left nothing to the imagination; intentional. 

She’d taken payment earlier that morning. Flaxen haired with emerald eyes; not your typical ladies’ man.   Still, there was something captivating about him; easy to place.

“What are you drinking?” the smooth operator probed.

“Your wedding band?” she countered.

Bemused, he removed the ring from his finger.

Seemingly satisfied she proffered her cheek and whispered, “I’ve a message for you.”

Intrigued he advanced.

“Your wife will see you in court sir.”



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