people of royal blood or status

a sum paid to a patentee for the use of a patent or to an author or composer for each copy of a book sold or for each public performance of a work.

a royal right (now especially over minerals) granted by the sovereign to an individual or corporation.


Ahhhh another day following a night of limited sleep whilst ideas have interrupted my dreams.  I promise this will be my last ‘short story’ post for a while.  Inspired by the Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition 2018 with a theme of ‘Royalty’ here is my take on it:



The familiarity of the guitar strum evoked an emotional response from the crowd as the intro to Alchemy enveloped the stage.

She’d heard the song over a thousand times but still didn’t understand the voodoo captivating fans fifteen years after his death.

Genius Lyricist Taken Too Soon: Suspected Coke Overdose – was reported by the press. She was only 3 at the time.

Interrupting her thoughts, “$20 a line?” the soothsayer asked. She smiled in the knowledge that her next royalty cheque was due tomorrow.

Handing over the score whilst taking the smoking gun; she mused to herself, quoting the first line of that famous song:

“Money for nothing, money for old rope” . . .


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