Diet Starts Monday…


Diet Starts Monday…

I’m sure it’s not just me who has to be in the right frame of mind to start a diet.  Ever heard of that saying, diet starts Monday?  Well in my case, this seems to be my mantra and I have this battle at least once a day.

In my head, it’s relatively straightforward; do more, eat less!  Notice however that it’s never as simple as that and there always seems to be something that gets in the way.  Take for example this morning.  I got up early ready to start the day.  I’d psyched myself up last night.  My mind was totally in the zone.  I was going to eat more healthily and make a conscious effort to get myself back down the gym.  Flicked on the kettle, opened the fridge to get out the milk and there is was; the half eaten cheesecake that I’d made for desert yesterday.  The cheesecake stared up at me, and I at it.  Fuck it, I had to have a piece with my cup of tea.  Breakfast cheesecake.  Mmmm.  Now I’m sat here thinking no wonder you’re a fat bastard.  Was it worth it?  Well yes it was, it was bloody lovely actually.

I seem to have very little will power when it comes to food and drink.  It surprised me that I managed to get through dry January without impersonating Father Ted’s;  Father Jack, but I did do it, if only for  a month. So if I can do it for a month; it’s only mind over matter, surely? Perhaps I was over zealous when I was taking the mick out of the I totally got this journal in Waterstones on Saturday.  A little pep talk in journal format might be exactly what I need to re-position my mind-set on a daily basis when I fall off the wagon.

As with a lot of people out there, I’m trying to lose a few pounds for the summer and it would be fantastic to go shopping and pick out an outfit without the need to try it on.  Dieting is hard. Having the willpower to deprive yourself is hard. I find myself getting disappointed if I’ve given up carbs for a week and the size 12 dress still says ‘no’.  What I am beginning to learn in my middle of life age however (notice I didn’t say ‘old age’) is that I shouldn’t beat myself up.  Others do that for you.  The dressing room fun-house style mirrors do that for you. If I can give you a small piece of advice Dorothy Perkins; we’d all prefer mirrors that slim you down (just a tad) and lighting that doesn’t show off all of your cellulite (just for shits and gigs).

On a more serious note; don’t beat yourself up.  We’ve all been there. I go there every day. Now of course I need to start tomorrow with a clean slate.  I’m off to see a man about a cheesecake.  Diet starts tomorrow and all that….  😉

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